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Who we are

St George Meals on Wheels (NSW) Inc has a long history of service and care, having been a part of our community for more than 50 years.

In 1967 our services were founded by Dr Barry Pearson. He had a long and dedicated connection to our service including volunteering and as our Patron. Dr Pearson was a local GP for more than 50 years and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to the medical profession. Sadly, however, Dr Pearson passed away in 2012 aged 88.

Originally, we were known as Hurstville Meals on Wheels and our first base was on Depot Road in Peakhurst. Since then the service has relocated to Rosa Street Hurstville then to Patrick Street Hurstville where the base remained, set up in a Council owned cottage, for 23 years until 2003.

Hurstville Meals on Wheels then moved to its current location, sub-leasing space from the Peakhurst Bowling Club at 7 Holley Road, Beverly Hills. To relocate, a DA was lodged with Council and a new industrial kitchen was built. In recognition of this new phase in the organisation's history, the current name, St George Meals on Wheels, was adopted.

We are a community-based organisation, managed by a local committee who are elected annually from our St George Meals on Wheels membership.

The role of the Management Committee is to manage the organisation and ensure it adheres to our plans, policies and procedures

All Meals on Wheels Services are funded by the Federal Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). This government programme is aimed at helping people stay independent and in their homes and communities for longer.

St George Meals on Wheels now provide meals for our region looking after the cities of Hurstville and Kogarah (now Georges River Council) and Rockdale (now part of Bayside Council).

Meals on Wheels – we're more than just a meal

Our Constitution – St George Meals on Wheels (NSW) Incorporated

Our 2019
Management Committee

Below is a table of the 2019 Management Committee. Their role is to manage the organisation within the approved budget and in accordance with the stated objectives, policies and procedures.

Position Name
President Lesley Sandiland
Vice President John Burke
Secretary Karen Bindon
Treasurer Barbara Sainsbury
WH&S Jim McCann
Public Officer Peter Boyer
Member June Chaplin

Staff Members
Contact List

Below is a table of the current Staff Members Contact List:

Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Nahed Soliman
Cook, Kitchen Manager Patrick Kwan
Cook Romualdo Esangga
Cook Somchart Dareepatr
Food Safety Officer Suzan Galdas
Administrative Assistant Tatijana Veljanoska
Administrative Assistant Ellen James
Kitchen hand Ciceil Sidhom
Kitchen hand Marlita Marlita
Kitchen hand Ngoc Huyen Pham
Kitchen hand Jamilie Temaipi
Cleaner Suan Roddom