The arrival of the new 2018 Menu recently has prompted me to write this long overdue letter of appreciation for the work undertaken daily by the staff and the volunteers, to ensure Meals on Wheels maintains a consistently high standard of service to clients within the community. Every person involved should be proud of the contribution they have made in the past and continue to make, to a community service that helps many, many people. In the world we live in at present, yes a world full of social sins, far too many of the population have chosen a life of selfishness, greed and taking life for granted, with an expectation of entitlement to extend well into senior years, without a thought on many fronts to improve lives, through the provision of service. It is fair to say, that Meals on Wheels, in my case, has assisted me greatly and helped me get through some hard times over the last few years, and for that assistance, I am very grateful. In closing, may I leave you with the following quote... "Remember that life is a creditor, and we are all its debtors" – Mahatma Gandhi.

Garth Selkirk


I want to thank you for the wonderful service your organisation is currently providing to my father, Cyril Henness. This MOW service has been partially important to our family since my mother had to move into residential care 6 months ago and my father is now living alone at 94 years of age. In particular, I know the meals you provide are always fresh, well presented and my father comments that he really enjoys the food. I am usually present when the meal arrives each Wednesday and find that your volunteer staff are always friendly and gracious. Congratulations to all involved at St George MOW on a job well done.

Dianne Henness

Customer's daughter

I would just like to thank you and your staff for giving me the opportunity to complete my Professional Experience on Community Engagement with your organisation. This work placement contributed significantly to my development as a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Human Resources. The contribution to my development was demonstrated through highlighting essential teamwork and organisation skills, their importance as well as the results of these within organisations. It has given me a better understanding about what makes teams and companies effective and successful. The support that you and your staff gave me was invaluable and I consider it a major factor in the success of my placement. Please convey my thanks to all the staff that helped make this experience worthwhile. You and your staff gave me great support that played a factor on making my placement successful. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff and volunteers that I had the pleasure of working with and made my experience rather fun and worthwhile.

John Gamboa

Work Experience student

Meals on Wheels

This is how it feels to receive Meals on Wheels
At this time of my life
No more with a wife or mother
To start off each day in a most cordial way
And to be grateful for the kindness of another

These angels arrive each morning
When I've not long finished my yawning
When I'm not yet into my stride
And before my eyes open wide

There's a knock on my door, as I've oft heard before
On the outside standing there with a smile
Is this friendly provider making my eyes open wider
And my heart with a beat doth beguile

They're such nice folk, each bloke has a joke
And each gal without doubt is a stunner
Just as a good wife will enrich a man's life
But should he step out of line he's a goner

The meals that they bring are so healthy
Made for folk with good taste but not wealthy
Prepared with love and great care
Happy clients are found everywhere

Each day when they call, they're admired by all
Of our neighbours and those passing by
In those bright colourful shirts they give their time 'till it hurts
But 'tis in heaven they'll all get their desserts.

Bruce Sharp